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CAST OUT LOUD — Ancient Now Workshop

CAST OUT LOUD — Ancient Now Workshop

Friday, March 29 at 10:00am — 1:00pm

CAST OUT LOUD in partnership with Garland Magazine

You are invited to join the audience for the Ancient Now Workshop.

We are seeing in our region an increasing interest in the ancient past. In China, this is closely related to the values that bind a nation together. In the West, it can respond to the cultural vacuum left by neoliberalism. And in the South, it often has a strong de-colonising agenda for first peoples.

But these links to the ancient world pose a challenge. How do globally-connected liberal urbanites relate to the time of emperors, gods and monsters? The art for this workshop will not necessarily directly address this question, but it will offer a context for looking at work that has an element of the pre-modern world.

Examples may include:
Traditional craft techniques in metalsmithing, calligraphy and weaving
Mythology, including creatures such as dragons
Story or wise saying
Subjects of ancient art such as gods or landscape
Ritual and ceremony

In this workshop 12 artists will present on their work for five minutes followed by five minutes discussion with a wider audience. This is a chance to participate in a broader discussion about these contemporary concerns and to explore how they inform the methodologies of different kinds of artists. The project is also part of an online exhibition for Garland magazine, which has an international readership and links with major events in our region. The June issue of Garland will feature stories from China and elsewhere that connect ancient and modern worlds.

Coordinators: Tammy Hulbert and Kevin Murray

This is a CAST OUT LOUD event in partnership with Garland Magazine.

Registrations via Eventbrite

Friday 29 March 10am–1pm
RMIT University, School of Art, Building 24, Level 1, Room 1, 124 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

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Image: Chen Qiulin, The Garden No. 3, 2007, C-type print, 100 x 82 cm. Image courtesy the artist and A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu