Opening | Bielander, Britton, Minegishi/ Precisely

Opening | Bielander, Britton, Minegishi/ Precisely

Thursday, August 24 at 5:00pm — 7:00pm


Bielander / Britton / Minegishi

David Bielander, Helen Britton, and Yutaka Minegishi, curated by Katie Scott, text by Julie Ewington

David Bielander (Switzerland), Helen Britton (Australia) and Yutaka Minegishi (Japan) are jewellers and artists who have worked together since 2002 from a shared atelier in Munich. Each has developed a highly regarded international practice based on entirely distinct visual languages, rigorous personal research and a highly crafted, innovative approach to materials. These distinct practices are drawn together in this exhibition, in a presentation that recreates the convivial, collective atmosphere of the shared studio.




Sue Lorraine

Precisely is a tribute to Sue Lorraine’s late father, architect and artist Hans Lorraine. Bringing together the artists’ interest in scientific research, representation and personal memories of her father, the works reflect on their qualities of ingenuity, resourcefulness and invention. By drawing on mathematical, engineering and architectural sources, the objects in the exhibition pay homage to Lorraine’s father’s modest and precise life. The works are both insightful and inventive, lovingly and precisely crafted as a celebration of a creative life.

Exhibition Dates: Friday 25 August to Thursday 28 September 2017
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 24 August 5-7pm
RMIT Bld 94, Lvl 2, Rm 1
23-27 Cardigan Street, Carlton VIC