Opening | Lilo Nein [AUT] / Miok Chung [KOR]

Opening | Lilo Nein [AUT] / Miok Chung [KOR]

Friday, July 14 at 5:00pm — 7:00pm

Opening | Writing Performance Exhibition 1 / Between
Thursday, July 20 at 5 PM – 7 PM PROJECT SPACE


Writing Performance Exhibition 1 | Lilo Nein [AUT]

In her exhibited project Nein unpicks the notion of writing and translation in relation to performance. In 2016, she re-engaged a series of previously built sculptures, bringing them together into a single exhibition and inviting Austrian art professionals to write a short text about each. These texts then became the lyrics to songs for the project’s second iteration. During the residency in Melbourne, these texts have been translated into English by local artist and curators and co-located with the photographic, sonic and written records of the project’s previous iterations as a means of exploring and considering the different kinds of spaces produced through interpretation and translation.

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Miok Chung [KOR]

Miok Chung is an artist from South Korea and a professor at the School of Art in Keimyung University (Daegu, Korea). She predominantly works as a painter with a focus on concepts of line and repetition.

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Exhibition dates: Friday 14 July to Thursday 17 August 2017
Exhibition opening: Thursday 13 July 5-7pm

RMIT City Campus (Building 94, Level 2, Room 1)
23–27 Cardigan Street, Carlton, VIC