'Feeling Jazzy' by Fairy Turner, 2017
    'Soft Lines, Hard Edges' by Georgia Biggs, 2017
    'Bow Down', Xanthe Dobbie, 2013
    'From the sum of its parts', Katie Collins, 2014
    'Untitled', Harry Hay, 2013
    'Untitled', Nyah Cornish, 2014
    'Something in between', Ben Kolaitis, 2014

Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours)

Student work

The Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours) program supports students to develop their capacity as a practicing artist and active researcher in the field of contemporary art.

Find out more about the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours) including fees, application dates and entry requirements.

  • Visit the 2016 Graduate Catalogue from the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) and Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours).