Temporal Edit, Isabelle de Kleine, 2015
    Untitled, Miao Gu, 2015
    Tribute to Jenny Kee, Pamela Anne Camille, 2015
    Kakadu Sunset, Michael Barret, 2015
    Horn with Milk, Gabrielle Stolp, 2015
    Day Dreams, Magdalena Dmowska, 2015
    Unseen Watcher #1, Madeleine Lacey, 2015
    Squeezers, Kawita Vatanajankur, 2015

Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) 2016

Student work

At RMIT, students are immersed in studios, where they learn to use their skills to open new ways of thinking, new approaches and new conversations in art and the global community.

Studio specialisations in the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) program include:

  • ceramics
  • drawing
  • experimental animation
  • gold and silversmithing
  • installation practice
  • painting
  • performance art
  • photography
  • printmaking
  • public art
  • sculpture
  • sound art
  • sound design
  • video art.

View all 2016 graduate work from the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) and Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours) at: http://rmitartexhibition.spawnit.com/

To find out more about this program including fees, application dates and entry requirements: