Julie Stevens, 'Vicarious Recollection', 2017, installation.

LIGHTSCAPES | MAPSmapping 2017

Student work

Forming a part of the 2017 Graduate Exhibition for the Master of Arts – Art in Public Space this series of images curated by Fiona Hillary represents works undertaken in the public realm by five of our recent Graduates: Luping Chen, Grace Leone, Jasmine Pilcher, Julie Stevens and Lyndall Watson.

Candidates explore the public realm in keeping with their arts practice and research interests. These images present a curated mapping of the research journey undertaken in a range of public contexts that engage in conversations around borders, cities and construction, affect and immersion, infrastructure and memory.

MAPSmapping2017 is located at the RMIT:ART:INTERSECT LIGHTSCAPES at Knox Place, Melbourne Central and will be showing until 1 April 2018. LIGHTSCAPES is a public art project that connects to the very fabric of the city—enriching, critiquing and reconsidering notions of audience, site and public space through art.