Talia Carroll, 'Intersect', 2017, Photograph. As part of the 2017 LIGHTSCAPES exhibition in the Building 2 Lightwell.

LIGHTSCAPES | Talia Carroll 2018

Student work

Long lived by the idea of a starry sky, this series explores the Australian night sky and its stars as an investigation of light, detail and texture. Reinforced by the presentation in lightboxes, these landscapes are forced into an artificial setting, mimicking the light illuminated from the galaxy. The tactility of the print medium is also extended by the puncturing of fine holes through the print to emphasise texture.

Talia Carroll is an emerging artist from Melbourne currently undergoing her Bachelor in Fine Art (Photography) at RMIT University. Her practice incorporates the use of digital imaging working with both the landscape and micro surfaces. Talia’s work is resolved as a visceral response to the details and is often extended through the reworking of the print. Talia holds a Certificate IV in Design, Diploma of Visual Arts and an Advance Diploma of Visual Arts. She has exhibited in multiple group shows since 2013 and was awarded the Hong Kong Travel Grant Scholarship and RMIT Digital Imaging prize in 2015.

Talia Carroll’s project  is located at the RMIT:ART:INTERSECT LIGHTSCAPES in the Building 2 Courtyard, Rodda Lane, and will be showing until 28 January 2018. LIGHTSCAPES is a public art project that connects to the very fabric of the city—enriching, critiquing and reconsidering notions of audience, site and public space through art.