Say Am I Happy, Michael Carolan, 2011
    Landscape Performance #2, Shae Rooke, 2012
    Iterations Long Field, TJ Bateson, 2016
    Multiplications 3 Brooch, Natasha Avilla, 2014
    Emotional Landscape Series (Part 1), Claire Robertson, 2012
    Diamonds, Marianne Diaz, 2013
    Everybody Loses #prettyinpink, Eugenia Raftopoulos, 2014
    Feminine Flatpack (Yellow), Stephanie Leigh, 2014
    Witnessing Silence, Amanda Laming, 2013 - 2015
    Almost for the asking, Cameron Cope, 2015

RMIT Master of Fine Art program

Student work

The Master of Fine Art is structured to allow ample room for experimentation, so that our students can narrow their focus down to the core of what they want to say as an artist.

Students draw on expertise from arts industry professionals through weekly forums that examine various issues, opportunities and perspectives of the industry and models of contemporary art practice.

To find out more about this program including fees, application dates and entry requirements: