Shane Hulbert, Spirit of Bengali, 2013
    Shane Hulbert, Ned Kelly Last Stand
    North of Bell Street - Artists' Incubator: Glenroy, 2013-15

North of Bell Street – Artists’ Incubator: Glenroy


North of Bell Street – Artists Incubator: Glenroy (2013-15), is a Centre for Art, Society and Transformation (CAST) project that investigated how public art might be used to strengthen community relationships.

Shane Hulbert’s photography celebrates the diversity inherent in Australian culture, with particular emphasis on understanding the effects of multiple narratives of immigration, settlement and tourism (including the ubiquitous ‘Aussie backpacker’) on Australian cultural identity. Borrowing from the traditions of landscape, documentary and political photography, and composed with a larrikin sense of humour, Shane’s imagery features a combination of local and international places, personalities, icons and myths. Some photographs explore the importation of cultural icons into Australia, such as Bengali sculptures in the Grampians or Egyptian icons lining a suburban street in Coburg. Other images explore international representations of Australia, such as a miniature version of the Sydney Opera House in Shenzhen, China, or the startling presence of a Ned Kelly-themed bar in Hong Kong. Shane’s work has recently been exhibited in Melbourne Now (National Gallery of Victoria, 2013–14) and the Monash Gallery of Art’s Bowness Photography Prize (2014).

Working with Dr Tammy Wong Hulbert, Shane also coordinates socially engaged art projects, including North of Bell Street – Artists Incubator: Glenroy (2013-15). The project was supported by Moreland City Council and funded by the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Council. The research focused on Glenroy, a continuously transforming Melbourne suburb with complex urban conditions. Working from a site in the former Glenroy Primary School, a group of artists developed projects that culminated in Gathering Glenroy, a day of exhibitions, events and workshops.