'Rein' by Nina Lafferty, Bachelor of Photography
    'Ode' by Elena McGannon, Bachelor of Photography
    'You're Standing In it' by Amanda Carr, Bachelor of Photography
    'Materiality' by Danielle Attard, Bachelor of Photography
    'Technology Changed My Life' by Chai Way Tan, Bachelor of Photography
    'June' by Carlie Jane, Bachelor of Photography
    The Solander Box, 2017 RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Photography) Graduate Exhibition

Bachelor of Arts (Photography) Showcase


RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Photography) graduate exhibition 2017 showcase, The Solander Box

A display of graduate talent, at the Meat Market Stables, North Melbourne, from Friday 27 October – Friday 3 November, 2017.

The Solander Box was a showcase of 2017 graduate talent from RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Photography). Through a range of photographic mediums, students exhibited their self-directed folios created over their final year of the degree. In the world of art and galleries, a solander box is implemented to conserve precious archival works. Held at the Meat Market, the graduate show functioned as a solander box to house the final works students produced before leaving university and pursuing a career in the photographic industry.