Associate Professor Linda Williams Full Staff Profile

Associate Professor Linda Williams

Associate Professor Linda Williams leads the AEGIS research network for arts and ecology, supervises research candidates, and teaches undergraduate art and cultural theory.

Linda Williams’s research is focused on the interdisciplinary field of environmental humanities and studies in human-animal relations, particularly histories of the longue durée, and contemporary issues of climate change and mass species extinction.

Her research publications can be accessed online.

Linda has delivered 17 invited keynote Lectures, and 11 invited research papers at several universities and public venues across Australia, and also in England, Ireland, the United States, Japan, China and New Zealand.

Her work in social theory, historical sociology and European philosophy focuses on issues arising from materiality such as the ontological status of the the nonhuman world in human history, representations and theories of nature, processes of globalisation and the connections between cultural history and science. She also has a particular interest in 17th century studies.

She is an active member of numerous academic editorial boards, peer-reviews articles for many journals and is a regular examiner of doctorates (both thesis and project-based). She has led a major international ARC Linkage Project, and is also an international assessor for the ARC. She has also curated several major international exhibitions.