Dr Phil Edwards Full Staff Profile

Dr Phil Edwards

Dr Phil Edwards has a background in environmental science and educational studies before he pursued his interests and formal education in art, with an emphasis in visual art, in particular painting and its associated activities.

His art practice, though painterly based, also encompasses installation practice, sound and alternative music, photography and collaborative art activities. Phil is also interested in alternative art spaces and museums.

Phil’s PhD studies concerned themselves with an examination of the positioning of audio CDs cultures in a Fine Art practice during the early 2000s. During this research process and since he has continued to make collaborative sound pieces as an extension of his painterly practice. His main research interests are in how formal Fine Art studies may overlap with art informale and outsider art.

Phil works in both UG  and PG SOA areas at Melbourne RMIT and with the SOA’s partner in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Art School. (HKAS).

As well as a PhD in Fine Art, Phil has a Dip TEFL, B.ED (Env. Sci) and a M.Ed.St.