Pauline Anastasiou Full Staff Profile

Pauline Anastasiou

Program Manager, Bachelor Of Arts (Photography)

Pauline Anastasiou is interested in how she as an image- maker might engage and contribute to social issues such as the fraught politics of migration in a way that respects and contributes to a contemporary discourse. 

She has been interested in making bodies of work to tell personal stories of migration and more recently, she has been working with slow motion video in order to examine bodies and movement. 

Pauline’s practice is based around the theoretical ideas of Affect and is interested in how these theories might be used as a prompt to produce non-linear ‘affective’ narratives; art-works that do not represent emotional identification, but that engender engagement through sensation.

Pauline has been collaborating with Not for Profit organisations in this work, notably Ondru and is a member of the The Participatory Communication Research section of the IAMCR.