Introduction to 3D Printing and Modelling for Jewellers

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Short Course: for jewellers who would like to learn more about using 3D Printing in their work

Starting 12 November 2019

Introduction to 3D Printing and Modelling for Jewellers is an introduction and is designed to suit both practising and aspiring jewellers.

The objective will be for jewellers to learn about how they can use Rhino to apply 3D Printing to their current jewellery practice. To explore how the digital tool and can be used to develop small gold & silversmithing objects. Participants will work creatively from their own original drawings of rings to explore contemporary forms.

START DATE 12 November 2019
DAY & TIME Mondays, 6–9pm

Student, Staff and Alumni discounts

Participating jewellers will use new drawings or their own current ring designs in develop introductory 3D Modelling techniques using Rhino. Through a series of learning activities participants will develop their skills and drawing of various 3d forms; Create 2–3 rings using 3d printing; Use different 3D Modelling techniques and digital fabrication techniques to create, solitaires, bezels and pattern rings.

Chris Bahng
Course presenter
Chris Bahng is a contemporary jeweller who primarily uses CAD and 3D printing to make his jewellery. He has been building his career in the jewellery industry for over 13 years including product manager at a start-up jewellery company (Melbourne), associate designer at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design (Adelaide) and co-founder at SAM Jewellery (Korea). Chris has exhibited internationally since 2006 and received awards and grants including Victorian Craft Award Jewellery Encouragement 2015.

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Image: Chris Bahng