Prue Acton: Colour and Design


Short Course: Master Groundbreaking Principles & Practical Tools For Your Colour Vision

2–6 September 2019

In this colour and design practical course, we will explore how to use colour effectively and creatively as artists, architects, teachers, and designers of fashion, textiles, interiors, print, digital, and games. Prue Acton will lead the participants through a series of practical colour principles in original ways. The relationship between light and pigment, colour matching, colour mixing and creating effective colour relationships will be covered.

This multidisciplinary course introduces participants to colour and design through practical means. Your creative vision will come to life using modern colour principles and practical tools and methodologies. The objective will be to use colour effectively and creatively.

Participants will work together over five days with Prue Acton in a studio environment. Following lectures and demonstrations, participants will work in a shared studio to expand their own practice using colour principles and practically applying their own tools and methodologies.

This course is suited to participants with art, education and design backgrounds who would like to explore colour with Prue Acton. 

Prue Acton (OBE) completed a Diploma of Art (Textiles) at RMIT in 1962. Acton was the first Australian designer to break into the American market. Prue has received major awards, including five Australian Wool Board Awards, three David Jones Awards for Fashion Excellence and four Fashion Industry of Australia Lyrebird Awards.

Prue Acton: Colour and Design short course 2019