Collision Drive 3

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11 October – 9 November 2019

RMIT University Building 94, Level 2, Room 2, 23–27 Cardigan Street, Carlton

Collision Drive 3 addresses the relationship between painting, collage and life through presenting artworks that collide imagistic obsessions with material tendencies. Copying, hybridity, research and faults in translation are evident, prioritising the processes involved and how painting has strangely thrived despite the shifting grounds of accumulation, scale, context, relationships and densities of the 21st Century.

This project is supported by Angela Ruskin University, University of the Arts London, University of Lincoln and Niagara Galleries.

Kez Hughes [AUS], Hiroe Komai [UK], Stephania Leigh [AUS], Andrea Medjesi-Jones [UK], Laurence Noga [UK], Steven Rendall [AUS], Benet Spencer [UK] & Bronte Mae Webster [AUS]

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OPENING Thursday 10 October
TIME 5–7pm
LOCATION Project Space/Spare Room, RMIT University Building 94, Level 2, Room 2


Image: Hiroe Komai, Thunderstorm, 2010, approx. 24cm x 18cm, paper, vinyl, pencil. Image courtesy of the artist.